- Computer Repair -

We provide: onsite computer Pc repair in IL, and notebook computer / laptop repair in IL.

Why scramble for help when your equipment fails. When high-tech help is needed, you can rest assured that the highly skilled employees of VCT can handle all your problems.
VCT offers full service & support for thousands of PC, notebook computer, laptop repair products, including 'No-Name' clones, and much more.

Our computer tech support specialists interpret problems and provide onsite computer repair & technical PC support for hardware, software, and systems.
Technical support specialists install, modify, clean, and repair PC hardware & software.
So when it comes to repairing or buying a computer and/or printer, rest assured PROBLEM SOLVED by VCT!

Anti-Virus Protection
Does your computer act funny? If you detect or suspect a virus on any of your systems,
please contact us immediately. We are experts at removing viruses and protecting your files.